In the period 1992 – 2015 year

Architect Nikolay Nyagolov graduates in 1996 from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Geodesy in Sofia, Bulgaria with a Master’s Degree in Architecture.

His professional career starts as early as 1992 as a Designer in the team of Prof. Nikolay Tuleshkov, PhD in Architecture. In 1997 starts his own business, leading architectural, engineering, and specialized teams in the fields of investment design, construction and repair works of residential, public, and industrial buildings and facilities in Bulgaria, Europe, and Africa. Investors of the projects are state, municipal, and private Bulgarian and foreign persons and entities.

In the beginning, Arch. Nyagolov develops mainly the investment design line of his business. He and his team cover a wide range of services – elaboration of site development plans, preliminary, technical, and detailed designs of buildings and facilities, interior and design solutions for public and residential buildings. The scale of the sites ranges from small local stores, workshops and apartments, through separate residential buildings and offices to residential complexes of over 200 apartments, industrial premises, state administrative buildings and renewable energy sites. Some of the projects are financed with funds of the operational programs of the European Union.

From the beginning of 2001, the construction companies managed by Architect Nyagolov start the development of a new line of their business in the field of repair works, and of construction of new buildings and facilities. The construction and installation works amount to millions of Euros. Clients are Bulgarian and foreign individuals and entities. The construction works are in the territory of the whole country. In this line, the team specializes in small to medium-sized custom-made buildings, designed to meet the specific requirements of each client.

In 2002, Architect Nyagolov, together with partners, starts his first construction project as an investor – Multi-family residential building, located on Tsar Boris III Boulevard in Sofia. It is followed by several more, as the investment process is managed solely by Nyagolov. All these projects are completed successfully and to the mutual benefit of all participants in the investment process.

The sale of the separate units in the buildings is a normal consequential activity, after the implementation of the above-mentioned projects, in the performance of which activity the proficiency of Architect Nyagolov in several foreign languages is of great advantage, because most of the clients are foreign individuals. The company provides also an additional service related to the management of the already constructed real estates. The direct contact with the clients and the investment companies develop the adequate market orientation of the activities managed by Architect Nyagolov.

The successful management of the above-mentioned activities, in view of the economical and administrative background during the transition period of Bulgaria, is a result of the excellent knowledge of the legislative framework of country, the specifics of the Bulgarian administration, and the psychology of the clients from all over the world.

Since 2006 Architect Nyagolov is a manager of one of the largest state design organizations – that of the former Construction Troops, and from the beginning of 2012 participates directly in the management of the former Construction Troops – “GUSV” EAD – one of the largest state construction companies with annual turnover of over EUR 10 mln., and capital about EUR 100 000 000.

For a short period of time Architect Nyagolov is a Deputy Mayor of Izgrev District of Sofia Municipality. His community service starts in 1992 in various municipal organizations and foundations – for protection of wild animals, for preserving the cultural monuments, etc. Also, he is the Chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee of the professional organization of the architects in Bulgaria /the Chamber/, which position he still holds.

Since 2009 he is an external expert to the Ministry of Regional Development on the Regional Development Operational Program of the European Union. He reads lectures to the officials of the Bulgarian Municipalities – Beneficiaries under the Operational Programs and to Bulgarian architects as part of training courses on the regional development issues.

Architect Nyagolov has a flexible team of highly-qualified specialists – architects and engineers who employ contemporary design methods and construction technologies at their work, and who have extensive experience and knowledge in the investment design field. In its work the team’s primary concern is the high quality, as well as the prompt performance, in compliance with the legislative framework, fulfilling in the best possible way the requirements of the clients and those regarding the health and safety conditions.

The construction projects, designed and implemented by Architect Nyagolov and his team are presented on his web page: which is continuously updated with the newly-designed and constructed works.

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